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One of the most historic places of the South of France

Situated on the south-western side of France, at the exit towards Spain, Biarritz is an exceptional municipality which has its history like all the other communes of the hexagon. It is located on a coastal area not far from the Pyrenees. It has been one of the most visited places in France for years not only for these beautiful beaches but also for its sites and historical monuments of all kinds.

What to see in Biarritz?

When we speak of Biarritz, we immediately have in mind the beaches and their fine sand. La Grande Plage is one of the most famous. Very popular and very popular, this seaside gives a panoramic view on historical sites such as the famous Hôtel du Palais, a monument built by the Emperor Napoleon III. There is also the Art Deco style casino.

It is also possible to visit the port of Fishermen. This place is home to the crampottes, fisherman's cottages, some of which have now become restaurants that offer dishes concocted with local products.

The plateau of the Atalaye and the rock of the Virgin are also among the sites absolutely worth visiting in this area.

What to do in Biarritz?

But Biarritz is also the diverse activities and sports. There are plenty of things to do in biarritz to mention just surfing. The waves being rather agitated on this side of France, this allows the surfers to have a good time. This extreme sport has even become a landmark activity in this territory. Several clubs give surf lessons like on the beach of Estagnots or on the beach of Madrague.

You can also go hiking, practice sport fishing or choose lazing on the beaches.

Those who want to test the freshwater activities can do canoeing, rafting or kayaking along rivers in the countryside.

On the natural lake of Les Arroques, a water park has been built with water jump springboards that have nothing to do with the old slides.

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